Bangladesh sugar refiners demand hike in sugar prices ahead of Eid

Dhaka: Sugar is being sold at higher rates than the rate fixed by the government in the local markets but the refines want the government to hike the retail price of sugar by Tk 20, reports The Business Post.

The refiners asked the government on Monday to hike the price of packaged sugar to Tk 150 per kg and the price of loose sugar to Tk140 per kg ahead of Eid-ul-Azha as the import costs have been increased. The demand for sugar peaks during this season.

The Bangladesh Sugar Refiners Association (BSRA) has written a letter to Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission to hike the prices. Last month the commerce ministry hiked prices of packaged sugar to Tk 125 per kg and loose sugar to Tk 120 per kg.

The retailers in Dhaka have stated that the loose sugar is being sold at Tk 135 per kg and packaged sugar is sold at Tk 140-150 per kg.


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