BCL Industries to expand distillery capacity

New Delhi : BCL Industries, one of the largest grain-based manufacturers of Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) and ethanol in India, said on Thursday it plans to expand the capacity of its distilleries to 850 kilolitres per day (KLPD) in the next two years to meet the rising demand, reported Zee Business.

The company currently has a total distillery capacity of 400 KLPD in Bathinda (Punjab) and 200 KLPD in Kharagpur (West Bengal).

The expansion plan comes as the government has been pushing for higher ethanol blending with petrol to reduce India’s dependence on imported crude oil. The government has set a target of blending 12% ethanol with petrol by 2022-23.

BCL Industries is a part of the Mittal group and has been in the business of ethanol production for over 20 years. The company also produces ENA, edible oils, rice milling and real estate. Presently, the company’s manufacturing facilities in Bathinda (Punjab) have a combined capacity of 400 KLPD, while the Kharagpur (West Bengal) facility contributes an additional 200 KLPD.

In an investors presentation, the company stated, “BCL Industries has plans to take up the total group distillery capacity to 850 KLPD over the next two years.”


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