Belarus emerged as partial alternative to Russian sugar exports

Belarus served as a “partial alternative” to Russian sugar exports, delivering 8,400 tonnes of sugar to Central Asian nations since early April, reported Daryo.

This marks a slight decrease from March, during which Belarus provided 9,600 tonnes, as reported by

The expectation of a ban on sugar exports from Russia resulted in a reduction in beet raw material supplies. In contrast to the record-breaking 48,800 tonnes shipped to Uzbekistan in March, only 3,100 tonnes of Russian raw beet sugar have been transported via rail since the beginning of April.

Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Agriculture assures that the impending restrictions on Russian sugar exports will not impede the country’s sugar availability. Uzbekistan emerges as a major sugar-producing country with an annual sugar consumption of 650,000 to 700,000 tonnes.

Enterprises like Angren Shakar and Xorazm Shakar play an important role in Uzbekistan’s sugar production, exceeding domestic needs with an annual output surpassing 900,000 tonnes. Together, these facilities supply around 2,100 tonnes of sugar daily, ensuring stability keeping in view the international market fluctuations.

Uzbekistan heavily depends on sugar imports from Brazil and India, which constitute 98% of its sugar imports. In the previous year, the country acquired a total of 762,000 tonnes of sugar from these primary sources.


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