BKU stages demonstration at sugar mill for pending cane dues

Shamli: Sugarcane farmers under the banner of BKU launched a protest on the premises of the Bajaj sugar mill demanding pending cane dues of Rs 359.72 crore, reports Live Hindustan.

The agitation was called off after the mill administration assured farmers to clear the cane dues soon.

The protest was led by the BKU Tikait faction’s district unit head Kalendra Malik. For this season, the mill has crushed 127.24 lakh quintals of cane and was supposed to clear Rs 440.42 crore against this. However, the mill has cleared only Rs 80.72 crore to the cane farmers. The mill has cleared only 18.3% of the total cane dues so far and farmers are agitating against the mill demanding payment of the remaining dues.


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