Bhoramdev sugar mill to carry out bidding process for selection of an entity for ethanol project


Management of Bhoramdev Sahakari Shakkar Utpadak Karkhana Ltd. Ramhepur, Kawardha Dist. Kabirdham (C.G.) has decided to establish an Ethanol Plant of Capacity 40 KLPD in the Premises of Bhoramdev Sugar Factory on the Basis of Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) and to carry out the bidding process for selection of an entity as the bidder to whom the project may be awarded.

According to the mill management, required estimated raw material 45,000 MT of C-Molasses or 36,000 MT of B-Molasses or 1,70,000 MT of sugar cane may be available for 300 working days per year and Rectified spirit (RS)/ Extra Neutral alcohol (ENA)/Anhydrous alcohol i.e. Ethanol are the main product. Site development, Designing, Construction, Financing, Procurement, Operation and Maintenance of Ethanol Project in the scope of Investor. Inspite of above Required Statutory Approvals Licence/Clearances/ Consents/Permits/norns/Rules/Schemes of competent Government authorities are also in the scope of investor.

Mill management said, “Bid participant should have experience of average annual Production of 8,000 Kilo Liters of Ethanol (Ratified Spirit RS/Extra Neutral Alcohol ENA/Anhydrous alcohol AA) over the last three years from one unit to multiple units in India and also having average annual turnover of minimum INR 50 Crores over the last three years or average annual turnover of minimum INR 30 Crores over the last five years. Positive Net worth as on 31st March 2019 in case of Consortium the Net worth of each consortium member should be positive. If prospective bidder having Net worth of Rs. 150 Crores and above as on 31st March 2019 will be exempted from the above stated eligibility criteria.”

Final Selection of bidding criteria would be the firm who offering highest annual Licence fee for concession Period of 30 years with first right of refusal.

Note: This is a press release from sugar mill

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