Bihar govt should fix cane prices, clear cane bills on time

Bentiya, Bihar: Four months have passed since the beginning of the cane crushing season and the Bihar government has not fixed the cane price, said former ADG A P Pathak, reports Punjab Kesari.

Sugar mills in the state are not paying cane dues to the farmers in time and we want the government to fix cane prices for this season and ensure that the farmers get their cane dues in time, he said.

“For the first time in history, we are witnessing the situation that the cane crushing season is about to end but the government has not yet fixed the cane price,” he added.

Sugar mills are taking advantage of this and are not paying accurately to the cane farmers, who are facing financial stress, said Pathak.

Pathak said that he urges the political representatives in the state to raise this issue and ensure that the Bihar government takes this issue on a priority basis so that farmers get their cane dues in time.


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