Bihar: Hopes for revival of Shivhar’s closed sugar mill increase after Lovely Anand secures victory

Shivhar, Bihar: Expectations of the commencement of a sugar mill have surged as NDA-backed JD(U) candidate Lovely Anand’s victory seems imminent, especially after she assured voters during his election campaign of reopening the closed sugar mill.

The electoral battle in the Shivhar parliamentary constituency has been quite intriguing. Here, the NDA fielded Lovely Anand, the wife of Bahubali Anand Mohan, in the electoral arena. Addressing the issue of employment, Lovely Anand had stated that development works would take place, employment generation would also be a priority. She had asserted that her priority would be to reopen the closed sugar mill, thereby providing employment opportunities to the youth. Lovely Anand had mentioned that after winning, reopening the closed sugar mill and bringing a railway line to Shivhar would be her top priorities.


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