Bihar: Investors’ one of the favourite states for ethanol production

Patna: Bihar has become one of the favourite destinations of investors for ethanol production. The state has received investment proposals worth Rs 63,008 crore and half of them are from the ethanol sector, as per the data of the Industries department, reports The Indian Express.

Till November 10, the Bihar State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB) had received 164 proposals worth Rs 30,747 crore to set up ethanol plants in the state.

The first ethanol project was set up by Eastern India Biofuels Pvt Ltd in Purnia in April this year with an investment of Rs 105 crore.

The Centre’s decision to increase ethanol blending from 10 per cent to 20 per cent increased the investment proposals in Bihar as it is one of the major maize-producing states in the country. Out of 38 districts, maize is grown in 17 districts that can be used for ethanol production.

Bihar is welcoming investors and providing a favourable ecosystem for businesses to be set up and flourish. Ethanol policy in Bihar has attracted the investors to invest in the state. Also, it was the first state to launch an ethanol policy.


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