Bihar: Sidhwalia factory to produce ethanol from grains

Sidhvaliya: Magadh Sugar and Energy Limited’s ethanol factory, located in Sidhiwalia, will now produce ethanol from grains in addition to molasses, reported Prabhat Khabar.

To facilitate this expansion, the foundation stone for a grain plant was laid on Thursday. The groundbreaking ceremony took place at an auspicious time in the morning at eight o’clock.

Company official stated that ethanol has been produced from molasses in Sidhwalia for the past two and a half years. The facility currently produces over 80,000 litres of ethanol per day. However, he acknowledged that molasses scarcity was causing production disruptions. As a result, the company has decided to start producing ethanol from grains like maize and rice. This will allow the ethanol factory to operate at its full capacity throughout the year.

He further informed that the grain plant is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Ashish Khanna, the executive vice president of the mill, stated that the grain plant’s construction would increase ethanol production capacity. He also expressed hope that the plant would create employment opportunities for the region’s youth and facilitate timely sugarcane price payments to farmers.


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