Bihar: Sugar mill to provide subsidy for borewell to sugarcane farmers

Hasanpur: Sugarcane farmers in the Hasanpur sugar mill area will receive a grant of Rs. 7500 for installing borewells, reported Live Hindustan.

This initiative is being undertaken by the Hasanpur sugar mill management. The sugar mill is assisting needy sugarcane farmers in digging borewells to facilitate irrigation of sugarcane fields. The work of digging borewells in the area is underway. In this regard, Deputy Sugarcane Officer Sugreev Pathak stated that it is essential to irrigate sugarcane fields during May and June. This is the time to sow sugarcane plants. Farmers need to be vigilant about timely irrigation. Therefore, the sugar mill management is assisting needy farmers in digging borewells. The officer mentioned that the outbreak of top borer pests has increased recently. This pest is harmful to sugarcane crops as it destroys the sugarcane stalks. It is necessary to control this pest at an early stage. The initial stage of this disease affects the leaves of the sugarcane crop, showing several symptoms like streaks on the leaves. This hampers the development of leaves. In the final stage, the growth of sugarcane stops. To get rid of this, it is necessary to take measures.


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