Bihar: Sugarcane Department preparing database of sugarcane farmers

Patna: The Sugarcane Industry Department is intensifying its efforts to directly reach out to farmers to increase sugarcane production in the state. As part of this initiative, a comprehensive database of sugarcane farmers is being created and will be uploaded onto a newly developed software by the department, reported Live Hindustan.

This platform will facilitate direct communication of departmental schemes to farmers and ensure they receive subsidies directly.

Sugarcane Commissioner Anil Kumar Jha explained that this system will enable direct dialogue between the department and farmers. The Sugarcane Research Institute in Pusa is developing the Monitoring and Advisory Service for Sugarcane in Bihar (MASS), which will provide farmers with essential information on crop management, pest control, intercropping, and the latest agricultural techniques. The objective is to enhance sugarcane production. The department has allocated ₹24.46 lakh for the development of this software.

Additionally, the National Informatics Centre (NIC) is creating a portal for the department. This portal will offer farmers information about various schemes and allow for online applications. Currently, farmers submit offline applications, a lengthy process. The new portal will streamline the verification process, which is currently very time-consuming, causing delays in seed allocation, subsidies, and implementation of other schemes. With the new system, the department will be able to allocate funds timely based on the number of farmers and the implementation of schemes.

To boost sugarcane production, farmers will receive training. Groups of progressive farmers will be sent on training tours outside the state to institutes in Pune, Coimbatore, Karnal, Kanpur, and Lucknow. Additionally, training programs will be organized within the state. Representatives from sugar mills will also visit sugarcane research institutes outside the state for training.


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