Bijnor district registers bumper sugarcane output


Bijnor: Farmers in the Bijnor district have produced more sugarcane than other districts this season. The sugar mills have also crushed record sugarcane.

Around 60% of the total cultivable land is under sugarcane cultivation and farmers prefer cane cultivation over other crops. However, the district used to record lower cane yield every year. This year the cane yield has increased making the district top in cane production. The sugar mills have crushed around 11.20 crore quintal cane so far.

District cane officer Yashpal Sinh stated that the Bijnor has topped in cane output this season. The cane crops in other districts were affected due to infection of red rot which has lowered their output, he said. He has urged the farmers to destroy their crops if they are found it infected with red rot.

Red rot disease in sugarcane is the biggest reason for low sugarcane yield in other districts. Sugarcane dries up in this disease. Its weight and sugar recovery decrease. Its impact has been seen in a few hectares in the district.


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