Bijnor sugar mill not to produce raw sugar

Bijnor: The Bijnor sugar mill has decided not to produce raw sugar this year. The mill is unable to pay last year’s sugarcane dues as the mill’s subsidy amount is pending with the government. Mill claims that the government is not responding to the reminder letters sent to the government.

According to the reports published in Amar Ujala, sugar mills in the district produced around 9 lakh quintals raw sugar and exported to foreign countries. The Bijnor sugar mill also produced about four lakh quintals raw sugar. It was exported at the rate of Rs 2200 per quintal. A subsidy of Rs 1100 per quintal of sugar was to be given by the central government. But the Bijnor sugar mill has not yet received the subsidy.

The government has not yet paid the Rs 30 crore to the sugar mill, following which factory failed to clear sugarcane dues. If instead of making raw sugar, the mill produces regular sugar, it is easier to sell it, which will aid mill in clearing the cane arrears.

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