Bijnor sugarcane farmers to get around Rs 40 crore interest on pending arrears

Bijnor: Allahabad High Court had directed the Uttar Pradesh government to clear the cane dues with 15 per cent interest on it within a month. With this decision sugarcane farmers in the state have received a big relief. Speaking about cane growers from Bijnor district, they are likely to get around 40 crore Rs from sugar mills as an interest.

In Bijnor district, 3.42 lakh farmers are associated with cane agriculture. They had sold sugarcane worth 3136 Rs crore last year. The millers are yet to pay 375 Rs crore to farmers.

The Sugarcane Control Order of 1966 mandates payment of the FRP to the growers within 14 days of delivery of cane and 15 per cent interest on it if they fail to adhere to the timeline. There are nine sugar mills in the district. The district administration has issued an order to the mills to pay the dues along with interest on it.

Interest to be paid by the sugar mill (In crores)
Dhampur: 3.26
Seohara: 1.99
Bilai: 12.76
Bahadarpur: 1.84
Barkatpur: 7.14
Bundki: 1.97
Chandpur: 4.90
Bijnor: 4.56
Najibabad: 1.30
Total: 39.75

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