Bilai mill records more than 13 per cent sugar recovery rate


Bijnor: Bilai sugar mill has recorded the highest recovery rate of more than 13 per cent as compared with other sugar mills in the district.

Cane cultivation is the main cash crop in the district. The farmers have grown around the same amount of cane this year as compared with last year. In the current season, the sugar mills in the district have started cane crushing operations on time that has helped in increasing the sugar recovery in the district.

Sugar recovery recorded at sugar mills in the district:
Bilai sugar mill: 13.25 per cent
Najibabad sugar mill: 13.15 per cent
Seohara sugar mill: 10.22 per cent
Bahadarpur sugar mill: 10.72 per cent
Barkatpur sugar mill: 10.80 per cent
Bundki sugar mill: 10.74 per cent
Chandpur sugar mill: 11.28 per cent
Bijnor sugar mill: 11.13 per cent


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