BKU (Charuni) urges farmers to opt for disease-resistant sugarcane varieties

Nurpur, Uttar Pradesh: The Bharatiya Kisan Union (Charuni) has blamed the red rot disease and inadequate government support for significant losses faced by sugarcane farmers this year, reported Live Hindustan.

State spokesperson Dr. Gautam Singh, speaking at a press conference on Friday, highlighted the devastating impact of the red rot disease on sugarcane yield during the current crushing season. He slammed the state government for raising the sugarcane price by only Rs. 20 in the past three years, claiming this falls short of providing adequate support to farmers.

Dr. Singh expressed concerns about the risks associated with the red rot disease, urging farmers to opt for alternative disease-resistant sugarcane varieties during the upcoming spring planting season. He also encouraged farmers to adopt organic farming practices and minimize the use of pesticides and insecticides.


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