Brazil: Ethanol production surged in the month of May


Rio de Janeiro: Brazil witnessed a hike in ethanol production in the month of May. According to the data released on June 29 by the National Petroleum Agency, Brazilian ethanol production hit the highest level ever recorded in May amid expectations for a record sugarcane harvest.

The ethanol production doubled in May this year from 4.05 billion litres to 8.46 billion litres as compared with May 2019. The increase in ethanol production was reported due to an increase in the speed of sugarcane crushing which was started late due to social distance norms in mid-March.

Brazil is one of the worst-hit countries by the coronavirus pandemic but despite this, the country has shown remarkable production of ethanol during this period. The virus continues to spread in the rural and remote areas of the country. Administration in the country started to ease restrictions in areas such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo

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