Brazil has potential to be a top aviation fuel supplier: Boeing

Sao Paulo: Brazil can become the top producer and supplier of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), said a Boeing executive, reports Reuters.

The aviation sector is trying to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and this could be achieved depending on the development and increased production of SAF produced from renewable resources like vegetable oils or waste.

Brazil is a leader in the globe in biofuels like ethanol made from sugarcane and corn as well as biodiesel produced from soy oil.

Landon Loomis, Boeing’s Latin America and the Caribbean head, said, “Brazil has the qualified workforce, technical capacity, and raw material to meet the global challenge to decarbonize aviation.”

Boeing is one of the largest buyers of the SAF, he said. The sector is facing a challenge to meet the SAF demand to achieve net-zero emissions along with high costs and slow production growth.


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