Brazil is reopening despite the threat of the delta variant COVID-19

Brasilia [Brazil] July 24 (ANI/FENA): Brazil is reopening despite the threat of the COVID-19 delta variant.

This variant globally increases the incidence of infection and death after a period of decline, and the World Health Organization predicts that it will become dominant in a few months. Efforts are intensifying to vaccinate as many Brazilians as possible.
Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga says vaccinating the majority of the population is the best way to stop the variant, but insists Brazil must continue its economic activities, the AP reported.

President Jair Bolsonaro has long opposed restrictions and reduced the risks of COVID-19, often saying that infections are inevitable. Lawmakers have launched an investigation into how his administration dealt with the pandemic, especially as officials appear to have been slow to procure vaccines.

By Friday, the Brazilian Ministry of Health had counted 140 cases of the delta variant, including its three most populous states, and 12 deaths. Analysts say the numbers are actually significantly higher due to a lack of genome testing and sequencing. (ANI/FENA)


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