Brazil: SJC Bioenergia plans to boost sugar production by 25% in 2020/21


Sugarcane processor SJC Bioenergia, a joint venture between Cargill and Grupo São João, plans to increase sugar production by 25% in 2020/21 and reduce ethanol output by 150 million litres, according to Brazil’s Broadcast Agro.

A sharp drop in prices and demand for fuels in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic has motivated the company to increase sugar production.

The company’s general director, Abel Uchoa, said he saw a decrease of 35% in ethanol sales since the last week of March. He added that SJC Bioenergia is going through this moment of market volatility without many difficulties due to work increased cash flow, expansion in storage capacity, and other measures the company has invested in recent years.

He said that 65% of the company’s ethanol production is being stored.


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