Brazil to help Philippines to boost sugarcane and ethanol production

The Philippines and Brazil are considering a collaborative effort to boost production of sugarcane and ethanol within the Philippines, reports Manila Times.

Representatives from the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) and the Embassy of Brazil in Manila engaged in discussions with officials from the Department of Agriculture (DA) on Tuesday to explore the possibility of a partnership that could elevate the output of sugarcane and ethanol in the Philippines.

Brazil has proposed the deployment of a team of experts to assist in expanding sugarcane plantations, promoting agricultural efficiency, optimizing production chains, and reducing production costs. Recognized as a key global player in sugarcane and ethanol production, Brazil not only offers expertise but also acedemic programs that are closely aligned with the sugarcane industry and the integration of ethanol into its its national energy grid.

Laverne Olalia, the Manager of the Research Development and Extension Department at the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) under the DA, has indicated that there’s an opportunity for the Philippines to gain insights from Brazil’s successful practices in soil development, effective management, milling methods, and advanced agricultural technologies. Drawing from their observations during a visit to São Paulo, Brazil in January, SRA representatives believe that Brazil’s innovative approaches can be adapted to suit the Philippine context.


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