Brazil’s Sao Martinho mill plans to use corn to boost ethanol production


Sao Paulo: Brazil, who usually goes for ethanol production from sugarcane juice, is now aiming to produce ethanol from corn. Sao Martinho mill in Pradopolis, the world’s largest plant to process sugarcane, is planning to use corn as a second source of raw material to boost ethanol production.

According to the media reports, several cane-based sugar and ethanol plants in Brazil are adding machinery to produce ethanol using corn as well

Sao Martinho’s chief financial officer said, “It is a project under evaluation. Logistics is an important issue, since we would have to bring corn from the center-west.”

In the last five years, Brazil witnessed a hike in corn planting, as farmers opted for soybeans in the summer and corn in the winter. The excess production of sugar kept the prices low, and the mills turned back to their favourite ethanol production as the gasoline prices have increased.

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