Brima Sagar Maharastra Distilleries Ltd begins sanitizers production

Solapur, Maharashtra: Responding to the government appeal, Brima Sagar Maharastra Distilleries Ltd in Maharashtra has started producing hand sanitizer. The government had appealed to distilleries/ sugar mills to start sanitizer production offering licences to the same within one day.

Brima Sagar Maharastra Distilleries Ltd is producing sanitizer with the brand name ‘Clean all’.

According to Sakal, an official from a distillery, Dinkar Benbaker, said that the production of ‘Clean all’ sanitizer has started with the capacity of six thousand litres per day. Soon we will produce sanitizer in 80 ml and 900 ml size bottles also.”

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, hand sanitizers are used by public, health workers, hospitals etc. The demand of sanitizers is increasing day by day. And to fulfil this demand, mills, distilleries, and hand sanitizers manufacturing companies across India are working very hard.


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