BSBios to set up first wheat ethanol plant in Brazil


Sao Paulo: BSBios, one of the largest Biofuel producers in Brazil, will set up the country’s first weat ethanol plant.

The wheat-based ethanol plants are common in Europe and Canada but in Brazil, most of the ethanol is produced using sugarcane and corn.

The chief executive officer of the company Erasmo Battistella said that we are confident that the farmers will increase the area under wheat cultivation.

The wheat output is likely to reach a record 9 million-tonne, with growers sowing the largest area in 32 years.

According to the Reuters, the company plans to produce 11 million litres (29.3 million gallons) of ethanol in the first phase of the project. BSBios’ facility should go on-stream in the second half of 2024 in Rio Grande do Sul,



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