BSF Meghalaya foils sugar smuggling attempt

The Border Security Force (BSF) in Meghalaya successfully intercepted and seized 35,000 kgs of sugar intended for smuggling across the international border into Bangladesh. In an operation conducted by its 172 Battalion yesterday, the BSF also apprehended two suspected smugglers, reported Highland Post.

According to a press release issued by the BSF, the operation unfolded when the security force identified and intercepted a vehicle laden with sugar. The vehicle was en route from Ladrymbai and destined for the Kuliang border in the East Jaiñtia Hills district.

Upon inspection, the driver and co-driver of the vehicle failed to furnish any valid documentation about the consignment of sugar. Subsequently, the BSF confiscated the sugar and detained the individuals.

The seized items along with the apprehended persons were handed over to the relevant customs office for further legal proceedings.


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