Bullock cart transports record 8.7-tonne cane from field to sugar mill

Though the sugarcane is normally being transported using a tractor-trolley, the traditional way of transporting it using a bullock cart continues in the country.

The youths from Nelamane village in Srirangapatna taluk have made a new record by transporting sugarcane weighing 8.7 tonnes on a bullock cart from their village to the Pandavapura Sahakara Sakkare Karkhane (PSSK) on Wednesday.

The youths have purchased a bullock cart with a pair of hybrid breeds and are using it for transporting cane from fields to the sugar mill.

According to the experts, the weight carried by the cart was double the normal weight carried by other bullock carts. On average the bullock cart carries 4 tonnes of load.

The youths have stated that the hybrid breed of cattle they are using can carry a load of around 9.5 tonnes. The youths carried the bullock cart with an 8-tonne load for around 3.5 km.

The officials of the sugar mill said that for the first time they are witnessing such a huge quantity of sugarcane being transported on a bullock cart.


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