Bundki and Bahadarpur sugar mills crush more sugarcane


Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh: Sugarcane crushing season is in the final phase in the district but the Bundki and Bahadarpur sugar mills continue cane crushing operations. Both mills have crushed more sugarcane compared with the previous season.

According to the news report published in Livehindustan.com, Bahadarpur sugar mill has so far crushed 123 lakh quintal sugarcane, which is more than 119 lakh quintal of the last season while Bundki mill has crushed 133 lakh quintal cane against 128 lakh quintal in the previous season.

This year the district has witnessed good crop yield which has resulted in the mills increasing the cane crushing this season. The sugar mills in season 2019-20 crushed 11.42 crore quintals sugarcane. This season the mills are yet to achieve the last year’s figure and till date have crushed 11.05 crore quintals of sugarcane. It is expected that the mills will achieve the last year’s figures as the crushing is likely to continue till May 30.


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