CACP suggests government to frame dual price policy for sugar trade


Mumbai: Expecting to boost the income of sugarcane farmers, the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) has recommended the government to frame the dual price policy for sugar trade in India.

Vijay Paul Sharma, Chairman, CACP, said, “The government should consider the dual price policy for sugar. Depending upon the cost of production and availability, the government should consider a reasonable price for kitchen consumers and high prices for industrial users.”

According to the reports, the industrial use of sugar, including cold drink and sweet makers is around 60 per cent of sugar consumed in India, and 40 per cent is for household use. The household use of sugar is decreasing as consumers are avoiding direct sugar intake, and industrial use is increasing. India’s sugar consumption is estimated at 26 million tonnes annually.

Suresh Rana, Uttar Pradesh Cane minister, said, “The high prices for the industrial sector will help mills to increase income and clear the cane dues of farmers. This will encourage farmers to grow more cane.”


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