Canada: Winnipeg faces sugar shortages due to ongoing workers Strike

The repercussions of ongoing labor actions in western Canada are reverberating in Winnipeg, where local business owners are expressing apprehension about the uncertain future of their sugar supply, reported Globalnews.

The seven-week-long strike at the Rogers Sugar refinery in Vancouver, B.C., has significantly restricted the supply of sugar to businesses in the surrounding regions. Munther Zeid, proprietor of Food Fare in Winnipeg, stated that the strike’s impact prevented him from replenishing his sugar stock after the weekend.

Betsy Hiebert, president of Cocoa beans Gluten-Free Bakeshop, painted a more alarming picture. She disclosed that the business is grappling with insufficient supplies, particularly during its busiest season. The concerns over supply arose nearly a week and a half ago when her supplier warned of a potential sugar shortage affecting the province. Brown, granulated, and icing sugars, she noted, are not easily replaceable.

The sugar supply issues being experienced in Western Canada stem from the Vancouver refinery, where 138 striking workers have been off the job since Sept. 28.

Adrian Soldera, president of Public and Private Workers of Canada Local 8, said the union is at odds with Rogers Sugar over issues like wages, benefits and the company’s proposal to increase refinery operations to 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


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