Canadian company to invest $41M to produce ethanol from milk by-product

Lansing: A Canadian company is investing $41 million at its Michigan plant that will convert a milk by-product into ethanol, according to
The Michigan Milk Producers Association and the Dairy Distillery Alliance are working together to develop a plant in Constantine near the Indiana border in St. Joseph County.

The plant is expected to create jobs for 12 people with a salary of around $1,487 per week, as per the project memo.

The Michigan Strategic Fund awarded a grant of $2 million to the project during its meeting organised on May 23. The investment supports Michigan’s “sustainability efforts”, said Jen Nelson, chief operating officer of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Technology will be used to transform milk permeate – a dairy by-product that is dumped or sold as a low-value animal feed – into ethanol.


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