Cane Department’s program helps rural women entrepreneurs


Lucknow: In compliance of the orders of Hon’ble Chief Minister of the State, Yogi Adityanath to take effective steps for women’s empowerment and as per the order given by the Hon’ble Minister, Cane and Sugar, Shri Suresh Rana, the Commissioner, Cane and Sugar, launched the ‘Women Employment Generation Programme’ under the ‘Mission Shakti’ campaign for the protection, honor, self-reliance and income earning of women and girls which is proving to be “Ray of hope” for the livelihood of rural women entrepreneurs during the Corona pandemic.

Giving detailed information in this regard, the Commissioner, Cane and Sugar, Shri Bhoosreddy said that during the Corona period, when most of the people from rural areas are unable to come to the city for their livelihood, rural women entrepreneurs are getting employment at the local level through the “Single Bud Chip Program” of the Sugarcane Development Department. Family members of women self-help groups are also getting employment through planting the seedlings in the fields. So far, family members of women self-help groups have got 1,98,155 men-days of employment at the local level.

Sharing statistics related to this programme, Shri Bhoosreddy said that 1,988 women self-help groups have been formed so far in 36 sugarcane-dominated districts in the State’s, in which 43,609 women Entrepreneurs have been registered.

The women belonging to these groups have been trained by the department to prepare the seedlings by single bud chip method. So far, 10.98 crore seedlings have been prepared by the women groups, out of which through sale of 9.38 crore seedlings they have earned an income of Rs.28 crore. An average income of Rs. 59,000 per woman entrepreneur in a season through Sugarcane nursery is expected. So far, about 9 lakh man-days of employment have been created under this programme.


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