Cane Development Department is taking effective steps to save the  public from corona Pandemic


Lucknow: 27 April, 2020: In order of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath’s resolution and instructions to eliminate and prevent the spread of the corona Pandemic in the state and the country, the Hon’ble Minister of Sugar Industry and Cane Development Shri Suresh Rana has given instructions to conduct sanitization in all the sugarcane regions of the state.

In order of the above Commissioner, Cane and Sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy told that instructions has been given to the range and district officers for conducting sanitization  with the help of sugar mills in all nine sugarcane regions. In all regions public offices e.g. collectrate, SSP office, CO office and police station, District Hospital, CHC, PHC, Tehsil, District cane officer’s office, deputy cane commissioner’s office and nearest  Cane Society along with villages &  towns,  and sugar mill gates and all purchasing centres are being sanitized under this sanitization programme.

While giving detailed information in this regard, Shri Bhoosreddy said that for the prevention of corona virus, continuous spraying of sanitizer is being done in the Cane regions and farmers are also being told about the prevention of corona virus from loudspeakers. This work is being done continuously in all the sugar mill areas of the state so that people remain safe.

In collaboration with Sugar Mills, the Cane Development Department have sanitized 412 villages, 22 towns, and 107 public offices in Saharanpur zone,  152 villages, 13 towns, 242 public offices in Meerut zone, 319 villages, 20 towns, 276 public offices in Moradabad, 775 villages, 9 towns, 175 public offices in Bareilly, 408 villages, 30 towns, 364 public offices in Lucknow,63 villages, 14 towns, 60 public offices in Ayodhya, 132 villages,  28 towns, 188 public offices in Devipatan, 25villages, 02 towns, 39 public offices in Gorakhpur and 88 villages, 19towns, 77 public offices in Deoria zone are made sanitized. Thus sanitization of 2374 villages, 158 towns and 1528 public offices has been done by the Sugarcane Development Department so far and still work is going on in this direction which will definitely help in preventing the corona epidemic

The Cane Commissioner also informed that during the above process, Social and physical  distancing was maintained between the employees of cane department and sugar mill workers engaged in sanitization work. During all this sanitization work  in respect of Covid-19, the guidelines, issued from time to time by the Headquarters and Health Department, were followed.


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