Cane Development Department organized deliberation session on simplification of departmental works & functions and rules for ease of doing business of its stakeholders

Lucknow: In the last four years Cane Development Department simplified its works & procedures and Modern technology has been used in its functions at Government and headquarters level to solve the problems of its stakeholders. Orders and instructions issued in this context have been compiled in the book ‘Ease of Doing Business Initiative for Stakeholders’. A detailed discussion was held today on the topics related to this book, in the meeting hall of the Cane Commissioner’s office.

In this discussion, along with all the senior officers of the Headquarters as well as the Heads of the co-institutions, Regional and District level Cane Officers, the secretaries of all the cane societies and senior cane development inspectors of the cane development councils shared their views through online participation. This program was presided over by the Additional Chief Secretary, Sugar Industry and Cane Development Department, Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy.

During the deliberation, briefing about the benefits provided to the stakeholders by the department, Shri Bhoosreddy said that as per the instructions given by Uttar Pradesh Government, Cane Development Department simplified works & procedures and Modern technology has been used in its functions to solve the problems of its stakeholders like Farmers, Institutions and Sugar mills, So that all the stakeholders can get full benefits of departmental schemes etc. A detailed description of simplification of departmental functions and arrangements made to benefit the stakeholders etc. have been compiled in the book ‘Ease of Doing Business Initiative for Stakeholders’.

During the discussion, Shri Bhoosreddy said that as per saying of Thoms Jefferson “That Government is best which governs the least” the department has strived to solve the problems of stakeholders with minimum interference and in earliest manner. He told about the book that more than 50 office orders and policy related letters issued by Department have been compiled in this book. In which various orders related to strengthening of Cane Development & Sugar Industry, innovative Cane cultivation, Ease in Sugarcane transportation, improvement in sugarcane procurement system, E-Ganna app, strengthening of Cane Societies and promotion of Khandsari units, simplification of works and increasing efficiency etc. are included. The Additional Chief Secretary appealed to all the Officers and employees of the department to study this collection and keep it safe to provide convenience to the Stakeholders of the department.

At the end of the discussion session on topics of the book Ease of Doing Business Initiative, vote of thanks was given by Additional Cane Commissioner (HQ) Y.S. Malik.

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