Cane Development Department’s unique initiative to create women employment in sugarcane farming


Lucknow: With the inspirations of Honorable Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath and On the instructions of Minister of Cane, Shri Suresh Rana, the Commissioner, Cane and Sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhooreddy has taken a unique initiative for creating employment opportunities to rural women entrepreneurs.

Giving detailed information in this regard, the Cane Commissioner, Shri Bhoosreddy said that in addition to the traditional employment in the sugarcane regions of the state, work on other employment possibilities is necessary in the interest of women workers. Sugarcane is cultivated on a large scale as a cash crop in the state, and immense possibilities of employment exist in sugarcane dominated areas. He said that for the preparation of nursery through single bud and bud chip for sugarcane sowing and income generation from distribution of seedling prepared can be easily adopted by women entrepreneurs, as it is not labor-intensive. In view of which self-help groups can be trained and encouraged to prepare sugarcane nurseries through single bud and bud chip to provide employment to rural women. Employment will be provided to rural women through the Women Employment Generation Program in sugarcane cultivation, as well as increasing the productivity of sugarcane by adopting new sowing techniques, along with the introduction of new varieties of sugarcane can also be increased.

In relation to this program, he also informed that senior cane development inspector will select the villages and form a self-help group of women At the level of council and sugar mill . Training will be arranged for these self help group jointly by cane development council and sugar mill. All the Necessary machines will be made available by way of possible grant and free distribution by sugar mills. The sowing of Sugarcane is compulsory with Seedling prepared by the Women’s self help group In a demonstration set up by the NFSM . According to the directives of NFSM, grant of Rs. 3.50 per seedling is payable for the production of seedling. For implementation of the programme, a committee will be formed under the chairmanship of Deputy Cane Commissioner at the field level and District Cane Officer at the district level.

The Cane Commissioner also informed that through the creation of women employment in cane farming, new doors will be opened and due to the employment options availability, the morale of women workers will be high and income generation will improve their standard of living. This class will be able to live dignified living at the rural level itself. The Commissioner, Cane and Sugar, has given instructions to follow the social and physical distancing as per the Guidelines issued by the Government of India and the State Government in relation to Covid-19, In all these activities.


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