Carbon Neutrality: Japan’s Yokohama shifting towards biofuel

Yokohama [Japan], November 17 (ANI): Yokohama city in Japan is enthusiastically promoting decarbonization and advocating “Zero Carbon Yokohama.”

Yokohama city has a progressive industrial area. It is gathering companies that have sympathy for their decarbonization policy.

Euglena is the main constituent of Yokohama city’s biofuel organization. It established a promotional plant to produce bio jet fuel and biofuel for diesel engines from algae and abolished the use of cooking oil.

Euglena has already made abroad overseas developments. It will contribute to global decarbonization.

“The ingredients used are tempura oil and fat extracted from euglena algae. We make jet fuel and diesel fuel from these raw materials. There are four steps. I say simplified because there are five processes: pre-treatment, aromatic component production, oxygen removal, and distillation,” an official of Euglena, Hiromasa Kusatsugu said.

According to another official, Korehiro Odate, Biofuel is a liquid fuel and compared to lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen, the energy density is very high.

The Euglena official stated, “We are now approaching to make use of the high energy density to make it green at the same time. Yokohama City is an “SDGs Future City” and is very active in SDGs. We are receiving subsidies in accordance with Yokohama City’s Corporate Location Ordinance. It consists of subsidies based on the amount invested in the plant, as well as exemption from fixed asset taxes and city planning taxes.”

“Asia Smart City Conference,” an international conference for smart cities, was hosted by Yokohama City.

At the conference, Yokohama City introduced the efforts of de-carbonization and SDGs through cooperation between the city and companies.

Foreign inspectors visit companies directly to inspect various technologies, and it is an opportunity for companies to expand their technology overseas.

Yokohama City is the biggest city in Japan. Its administrative activity to direct future industry will affect other local governments and the Japanese government. (ANI)


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