Centre imposes stock limit on wheat till 31st March, 2025

In order to manage the overall food security and to prevent hoarding and unscrupulous speculation, the Government of India has decided to impose stock limits on Wheat applicable to Traders/Wholesaler, Retailers, Big Chain Retailers and Processors for all States and Union Territories. The Removal of Licensing Requirements, Stock Limits and Movement Restrictions on Specified Foodstuffs (Amendment) Order, 2024 has been issued with immediate effect from today i.e. 24th June 2024 and will be applicable until 31st March 2025 for all States and Union Territories.

Stock limits will be applicable to each entity individually such as Traders/Wholesaler- 3000 MT; Retailer- 10 MT for each of the Retail outlets; Big Chain Retailer- 10 MT for each outlet and 3000 MT at all their depots and Processors- 70% of Monthly Installed Capacity (MIC) multiplied by remaining months of FY 2024-25. Respective legal entities, as above, will have to declare the stock position and update them regularly on the portal (https://evegoils.nic.in/wsp/login) of the Department of Food and Public Distribution and in case the stock held by them are higher than the prescribed limit then they have to bring the same to the prescribed stock limits within 30 days of issue of this notification.

(Source: PIB)


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