Centre to deploy more special trains to avoid piling of wheat stock

Chandigarh: The Centre is planning to deploy special trains to transport wheat from Punjab directly to the recipient states to avoid piling up of the commodity as procurement is set to pick up in the state, reports The Times of India.

This is expected to ease the glut-like situation in the grain market as the northern districts of Punjab have geared up and begun harvesting the commodity.

On Tuesday, 25 rakes were commissioned, according to the Food Corporation of India (FCI) and it would be increased to 45-50 rakes per day once procurement picks up in all districts.

B Srinivasan, GM, FCI, Punjab, said, “Already direct loading of wheat is in full swing in Ludhiana, Patiala, Ferozepur, and Faridkot districts. There will not be any problem in lifting as there is no shortage of trains.”


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