Centre took various remedial measures to boost the liquidity position of sugar mills: Ram Vilas Paswan


New Delhi: Government claims due to several measures taken by the Centre, sugarcane arrears have come down. Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan on Friday informed Rajya Sabha, “The sugarcane arrears have been significantly reduced to Rs 1,314 crore from peak Rs 28,222 crore for the 2018-19 marketing year.”

Speaking at Rajya Sabha during Question Hour, he said during 2017-18 and 2018-19 marketing years, the sugarcane production was at peak resulting into a sharp decline in the domestic sugar prices. The situation has adversely affected the financial health of sugar mills.”

“In order to improve the liquidity of sugar mills to enable them to clear the cane dues of the farmers in time, the Government has already taken various measures such as providing assistance to mills to offset the cost of cane, fixation of the minimum selling price of sugar, financial assistance to maintain buffer stocks as well as exports, and soft loans,” Paswan further added.

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