Change In FRP Policy To Affect Farmers

Central government is planning changes in FRP policy to sugarcane crop. This change will go against the cane growers. Earlier FRP was linked to basic recovery of 9.5% whereas now it is changed to 10% base. This will cause loss of RS 55 to farmers. The farmers and organizations are planning to launch an agitation against the change.

FRP is fixed considering the rates of sugar in the market at the beginning of cane crushing season. While fixing the rate, a particular amount is fixed considering 9.5% recovery and a fixed amount was provided after every 1% recovery above this. This year Rs. 2750 was fixed for 9.5% recovery and Rs. 289 for every 1% recovery more than the base recovery. But citing reason that this FRP is higher, the base is changed to 10% from 9.5%. The central government’s decision will cost Rs 55 to farmers and they will receive Rs 2750 for 10% recovery and Rs 145 more for every 1% rise. All the farmers and their organizations will be protesting against this. They are communicating with each other to plan a protest against government’s decision.



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