Uttar Pradesh: Chhata sugar mill to be revived soon

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh: The Uttar Pradesh government has initiated several measures aimed at the development and progress of the sugar industry, including the revival of closed sugar mills. Thanks to these efforts, numerous defunct sugar mills will soon be back in operation.

In a recent visit to Mathura, the Chief Minister of the state, Yogi Adityanath, discussed various developmental initiatives, emphasizing the significance of projects like the food processing unit in Kosi Kalan and the reopening of the Chhata sugar mill.

According to a report in Amar Ujala, Chief Minister Adityanath stated that the expedited reconstruction of the Chhata sugar mill would provide much-needed relief to sugarcane farmers.

The mill was closed in 2009 due to a lack of availability of sugarcane and continuous losses.



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