China needs India’s help; says steps taken to increase sugar import


Amid trade war with the US, China wants India’s help and urged to cooperate in its fight against ‘unilateralism and protectionism’. China has said that it respects the concerns of India related to bilateral trade imbalance and wants to negotiate with a new approach to resolve this issue.

China’s new Ambassador to India Sun Weidong said, “China highly values India’s concerns on the trade imbalance. But I have to point out that we have never deliberately pursued a trade surplus against India.”

Sun said, “Steps have been taken to increase the import of rice and sugar from India in China. Also India’s export of agricultural products to China last year actually doubled.”

Earlier, there were reports that India is likely to export sugar to China, but Pakistan has taken a lead over India by winning a 300,000-tonne sugar export quota from China.

Speaking about sugar production then fall armyworm and drought have remained a major issue in China, which led to the reduction in sugarcane production and harmed the country’s sugar output.


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