Chinese investor to build largest sugar mill in Ghana

Investors from China are building the largest sugar mill near the Bui dam enclave in the Banda district of the Bono region of Ghana, reports Ghanaweb.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed with the Chinese investors to build the sugar mill, said Samuel Kofi Dzamesi, the Chief Executive Officer of the Bui Power Authority (BPA) and the managers of the Bui Dam Hydro Power Generation Stations (BGS).

The factory would produce about 60,000 tonnes of sugar that would be used for domestic as well as export purposes. The construction work on the factory would start in June this year and it would be completed in 2024, said Dzamesi.

The authority has allotted 13,000 acres of land to the Bui Sugar Limited and the company has already planted 250 hectares of sugarcane in the region that would be crushed in the factory.

This would generate jobs for 500 people in the region and the factory would create more than 5,000 indirect jobs for local people, said Dzamesi.


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