ChiniMandi’s initiative towards agriculture sustainability


ChiniMandi Kolhapur: Soil Health and Crop productivity, one day workshop for farmers wrapped up its successful event in Kolhapur, Maharashtra with huge participation of attendees and experts from the Agriculture sector.

The workshop was organized in collaboration with CSIBER college with an intention to educate farmers about hazardous and excessive use of chemical fertilizers, farmlands’ productivity and other important issues.

The event was held in three seasons, 1st season on India’s Soil Health Mission, 2nd on Soil health and crop production, and 3rd on practical session on soil analysis. The chief guests for the workshop were Mr. B.B. Mastoli, Project Director (ATMA) Agricultural Technology Management Agency, and Dr. A.V. Bulbule, soil scientist.

The guests on the event discussed an overview of farm productivity, soil health, sustainable agriculture practices, and opportunities as well as threats involved in farming. They also shed lights on how farmers can improve their performance in farming and how sustainability can be achieved.

Farmers across Kolhapur came with their farm fields’ soil sample for free analysis of it and to get a soil health card.

The workshop concluded under the guidance of Dr. MM Ali, CSIBER’s college director, Dr. SD Kadam, HOD of Environment Management, Mr. Jitubhai Shah, founder of JK Sugars, and Mr. Uppal Shah, co-founder of

Speaking at an event, Mr.Uppal Shah said, “We look forward to organizing more such events in future to assist farmers and ChiniMandi will firmly stand on the decision.”



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