Climate change affected sugarcane industry: KS Vishwanatha


Pune: Climate change has affected not only human life but also the sugarcane industry, said K S Vishwanatha, vice-chancellor of Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri. He was speaking at the 65th convention of the Deccan Sugar Technologists Association in the city on Tuesday.

“Since 1950, the sugarcane cultivation area had increased tenfold but not production due to climate factor. Maharashtra is facing drought since the beginning of this decade which is also a major issue for the reduction in production,” he said.

“Sugar industry after the cotton industry is a major sector that generates employment. The industry is now facing challenges that should be addressed immediately,” he said.

“The research is done in laboratories to produce high yielding varieties, but it should not be limited there and must reach out to farmers,” Vishwanatha further added.

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