Closed sugar mills land will be given on lease


Muzaffarpur: To address the issue of lack of land for industrial development, the Bihar government will give the 2200 acre land of the closed sugar mills on lease to the industrial sector. The information was shared by the Sugarcane development minister Bima Bharati while speaking to reporters. She said that it has been decided to add the word lease in a place of sale in the cabinet proposal for amendment. The state plans to establish industrial areas on the land of 12 closed sugar mills. Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority is being given 2200 acres of 12 closed sugar mill of the state.

The government is in the final phase of setting up of industrial sector on the land of 12 closed sugar mills in the state. The maximum land is with Motipur sugar mill from Muzaffarpur district which is around 900 acres. The land will be used for food processing, textile, leather, and other industrial development.

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