Congress plans to reach 50 lakh farmers in Uttar Pradesh in two weeks

New Delhi: Aiming to connect with a large number of farmers, Congress has planned a programme to meet over 50 lakh farmers from UP within two weeks starting from February 3. The drive has been initiated by Priyanka Gandhi through the party’s Kisan Janjagran Abhiyan.

The drive will help party to hear farmers grievances and problems they are facing due to various reasons including delay in sugarcane arrears payments by sugar mills in the state.

The block-level workers will reach every household in a fortnight. In each block 50 Congress workers will go to 10 farmer households per day, and in this way, in two weeks, the party will reach 7,000 farmers living in 840 blocks of the state.

“Priyanka will join any group at any time and anywhere in the state to meet the farmers and assure them that the party is with the farmers,” said a party leader.

The leader said that the activists will fill two forms at the house of each farmer. In one form they will tick the problems that affect him most and in a second form they will get details of farmer’s income and also farmers can spell out their suggestions.

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