Cooperative sugar mills to start jaggery production on pilot basis


Chandigarh, Haryana: As the sugar demand has been lowered due to Coronavirus pandemic and the demand for jaggery continues to rise, the Haryana government has decided to launch jaggery production in cooperative sugar mills on a pilot basis.

Haryana Cooperation Minister Dr Banwari Lal on Wednesday said in the upcoming crushing season, the production of Jaggery will be started on a pilot basis in the cooperative sugar mills of Palwal and Kaithal. He gave this information while presiding over the meeting held through video conferencing with the officials of cooperative sugar mill at Shahabad on Thursday.

This move, the government expects will reduce the loss of sugar mills and will increase their profits that will ultimately benefit cane farmers.

Depending upon the success of this pilot project, the production of Jaggery will also be started in other cooperative sugar mills of the state.

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