Coronavirus affects working of sugar mills


Chandpur, Uttar Pradesh: The coronavirus (Covid-19) which had first emerged in China’s Wuhan city in December last year and has now spread to many countries in the world. India is also one of the affected countries from Covid-19. To control the spread of infections, states and the central government are leaving no stone unturned and working hard for it. As a preventive measure, many states have been lockdown, which has impacted the sugar mills functioning.

The lockdown has affected the supply of essential raw materials to the sugar mills, which is used to produce the sugar. If the situation continues, then sugar mills even have to stop the operations.

Many raw materials come from other states which have been halted due to the Coronavirus outbreak. This has affected the mills functioning.

As per the report published in Amra Ujala, T S Dhaka, CGM, PBS Foods Chandpur sugar mill said that the lime (Choona) required for sugar production comes from Rajasthan and the state is closed due to Coronavirus threat. Chemical coming from the outside area is also not coming. In the last four days, we have not received any delivery. If such continues, then crushing operations of the sugar mill can be stopped in the next four-five days.


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