Coronavirus effect: Tanzania restricts sugar prices


The sugar production in Tanzania is likely to reduce to 300,000 metric tonnes this year as compared with 470,000 metric tonnes last year. The availability of less sugar in the market may lead to the hoarding of sugar and price rise. Keeping this in mind the Tanzania government has fixed the price of retail sugar at 2,600 shillings per kg ($1.13) in a commercial hum of Dar es Salaam. The price of sugar at other parts will be between 2,600 shillings and 3,000 shillings per kg.

The government had introduced the price regulation mechanism last year also but could not implement it effectively. Tanzania government has issued a strict warning to the traders against hoarding sugar amid Coronavirus outbreak. Many countries in the world are ensuring that they have enough sugar stock in this grim situation. Due to Coronavirus, there is a shortage of essential food items in many countries. And they are in the process of collecting all essential food items.


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