Coronavirus: Karnataka farmers seek hand sanitizer from sugar mills

Mysuru, Karnataka: With a shortage of hand sanitizers in rural parts of the state, farmers want the government to make use of sugar mills with distilleries to meet the local demand. They expect that distribution of hand sanitizer will bring awareness to the masses about personal hygiene and cleanliness on the backdrop of Coronavirus threat.

The urban centres are also facing a shortage of hand sanitizers with chemists not having stock. The sale of adulterated sanitizers is also on the rise due to huge demand.

“There are 20 lakh sugar cane growing families and factories should chip in as public health is in danger and the rural population is yet to get basics like sanitizers, masks and fumigation to protect themself from the virus”, The state Sugarcane Growers Association President Kurbur Shantakumar was quoted as saying by The New Indian Express.

“Sugar mills should show their magnanimity by giving away free sanitizers to all districts, hospitals and the public,” he further added.


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